It’s quite common for people to come to the clinic feeling stressed, fatigued or otherwise run down while still having normal results from all the conventional medical tests.

We know that there are many scientifically valid tests available that can provide insight into why you may be feeling unwell despite normal results. The choice of any test is determined by our qualified practitioners and only requested where relevant to your health concerns. Some of the available functional medicine tests include the following:

  • Hair tissue mineral analysis
  • DMSA chelation test
  • Adrenocortex stress hormone profile
  • MTHFR gene test
  • Urine amino acids profile.

To explain some of the functional medicine tests commonly used in our clinic, we’ve put together a three part video explaining the symptoms they test for, how they work and what they can show. Just click below to watch!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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