Health, Wealth and Relationships


Health, wealth and relationships can get complicated,....

What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

Everyone has a narrative or story that explains or justifies their beliefs, values and actions. These stories can be positive and helpful. They can also be negative and sabotage various areas of your life..

How well do you rate your health, wealth or relationships on a scale from one to ten, where one is the pits and ten is brilliant? What stories do you tell yourself? What is your potential?

Your conscious mind is logical and rational. However it accounts for only five per cent of your brain function. The other 95 per cent of your brain is your subconscious mind and contains beliefs, values and patterns that are hidden beneath the surface.

Three examples based on client experiences:

Getting healthy is often easier said than done. It is the reason that people see me in my clinic! Difficulty in losing weight is a prime example. People tell me they lack time to go for a walk, are too stressed, don’t know how to cook, live in a household where others eat and drink whatever they like,  have a naturally slow metabolism or an underactive thyroid (despite normal blood tests). Measuring waist line and weight gives them the facts. The numbers tell a story. What is blocking them from making changes?

A lady goes from one relationship to another looking for her perfect partner. Each relationship is emotionally abusive. Logical observations from family and friends point out this negative pattern. She does not see what is happening.  Why?

A man loves the excitement of investing in the stock market. He keeps up to date with the finance pages in newspapers and magazines, reads plenty of books and participates in online investment forums. His bank balance shows he is losing money. What stories is he telling himself? Why can’t he see that his activities are destroying his capital and make appropriate changes?

What beliefs do you have about yourself?

Your beliefs are deeply programmed into your subconscious mind. Everyone has a mixture of positive helpful beliefs as well as negative unhelpful beliefs. There are a number of psychological therapies including EMDR therapy  that can help you access and reprocess negative beliefs that may be draining your emotional energy and holding you back.

Which negative beliefs are relevant to the above three examples or possibly to yourself?

• I am not loveable

• I am unworthy

• I am not good enough

• I am ugly

• I am stupid

• I am a failure

• I am a bad person

Which positive beliefs are more likely to help you achieve your potential?

• I am healthy

• I am fine as I am.

• I am worthy

• I am loveable

• I am OK just the way I am.

• I deserve to be happy

• I am successful

What This Means To You

Some of the stories that we tell ourselves are actually holding us back from living the life we want. Negative beliefs can be deeply buried in the subconscious mind where they are ignored or over ridden. What do the facts say?

Make a time to see me if you feel that an area of your life is “stuck” so that you can enjoy improved health, wealth and better relationships.

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Health, Wealth and Relationships

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