Five Reasons For Feeling Worse When Trying To Get Healthier


This blog post discusses five reasons that may potentially block your ability to get healthier. Click below to read more.

It is not uncommon for people to decide that the time has come for them to get healthier. Sometimes it is an easy process and everything goes smoothly. However, many people find that it is a matter of two steps forward and one step backwards. So what causes it and how can you make the transition to healthier easier?

Here are the top five reasons and what you can do about them:

1. Supplements

“It’s the tablets, pills and powders” seems to be the number one reason that I hear. Sometimes it is, but with hindsight it is the easy thing to blame.  The only accurate way to test this is by stopping everything and seeing if any negative symptoms disappear. Then reintroduce supplements one at a time and observe what happens. NB This is not applicable to pharmaceutical medications as any changes must be supervised by a medical practitioner.

2. Emotional stress

Managing emotions is often a challenge. Work, home, relatives, social clubs and friendships have a way of testing out our values, beliefs, boundaries, guilt and upbringing. Self development and personal growth with the assistance of a qualified psychologist is potentially confronting, but always helpful for those who sincerely want to make positive changes.

3. Food choices

“You can only be as healthy as your digestive system” is a common quotation in natural medicine. Your gut contains 80 per cent of your immune system and neurotransmitters (think brain chemistry) such as Serotonin and Dopamine.  The Gut – Brain connection is well researched and shows the link with a healthy mood. Write a food and symptom diary for four days and bring it into your consultation so I can help you fine tune your choices.

4. Back or neck tightness

A healthy nerve supply is essential for your internal organs to work well. Imagine the problems if your brain, liver or heart lacked a nerve supply! In practice, many people are so focussed on their supplements and food choices that they overlook the role of the nervous system to enable optimal bowel function and absorption of nutrients. Osteopathy, myotherapy and chiropractic treatment can help accelerate your progress.

5. Sleep Hygeine

Poor sleep is an obstacle to anyone’s health. Do you have a racing mind or feel that your mind is “working overtime”?  Factors to consider that may be harming the quality of your sleep include erratic sleep patterns, late nights e.g. 2 or 3 am, a lack of fresh air in the bedroom, mobile phones and WiFi upsetting your production of melatonin. Meditation, appropriate exercise and sauna also help  accelerate benefits of the above five foundations of your health.

Optimal health needs a holistic comprehensive program and it does take time to help people reverse years of poor health and wellbeing.

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Five Reasons For Feeling Worse When Trying To Get Healthier

This blog post discusses five reasons that may potentially block your ability to get healthier. Click below to read more.

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